May 11th, 2004

Fuck the IBEW

First some context: I am a staunch supporter of organized labor. I have never in my life so much as considered crossing a picket line. I will not do business with companies that have engaged in union busting. I won’t give a scab the time of day. And I always point out to friends who complain about paying their union dues that most of the benefits they enjoy at their jobs were won by their union. I have been a member of the International Lady Garment Workers Union and the National Writers Union (which is affiliated with the UAW). I believe unions are far from perfect, indeed some have clearly become quite corrupt, but still represent the working person’s best chances of receiving fair treatment from employers.

Now for the statement of the moment (as above): Fuck the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. According to this story in today’s Boston Globe, the IBEW has taken steps to block married gay members from receiving the same health and pension benefits as straight married members. That is repulsive. For a labor union to decide it’s only obliged to fight for those members whose lifestyles it approves of is an act beneath contempt. And there’s only one response I can offer. I will never again respect an IBEW picket line. I will applaud those who cross to work. I will make sure I do business with any company that uses scabs to replace IBEW members. And I will let those companies know that I believe they are doing the right thing by undermining the IBEW.

You reap what you sow, brothers and sisters. You reap what you sow.

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