March 25th, 2003

So here I go. Blogging. ‘Cause, you know, everybody else is doing it.

Mostly, my plan is for The Moon Hoax to be about music. Mostly music. And football sometimes. Especially during football season. And since the mind will wander, maybe (probably?) other stuff too. But the plan is for music to play a big part.

I’ll definitely post links to my various music stories. Oh, right, failed to mention this (like anyone reading this doesn’t know me already): I’m a freelance journalist. I write about music more than anything, but I also do some pop culture stuff and some literary journalism.

I write a column for the Valley Advocate, an alternative arts and news weekly in Western Massachusetts (where I live). That column, which is called Bombpop is usually about music, though sometimes it can be about other stuff, mostly pop culture stuff.

I also write music features for The Boston Globe and a paper in the suburban New York counties of Westchester, Rockland and Putnam called the Journal News. And I’m a semi-regular contributor to the Boston Phoenix.

That’s the regular stuff in general anyhow.

I’ll get more specific as called for. Like, say you were interested in checking out the literary journalism series I wrote for the Phoenix last fall tracing a season in the lives of New England Patriots fans, you could go here. Or maybe you’d like to see my latest Advocate column, in which I run down some good recent record releases. Or the features on Calexico I wrote last week for the Globe and the Journal News. Or my recent Globe piece on tour-only CDs.

Plus, I’ll probably post some of my thoughts about music that don’t fit into any column or feature piece. Maybe mention some of the many records I like but don’t have a chance to write about in a newspaper. Maybe mention some of the truly awful records I receive but would never, ever write about anywhere else unless someone specifically assigned me a review (and then, oh, boy). And probably offer my opinions on everything from the ridiculous recent outcry against the Dixie Chicks to … well, whatever the hell stupid thing happens to come up next.

Plus TV, probably. And movies. And … aw, hell, who’s to say what. We’ll see what comes up.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Go read my friend George’s blog, The Bald Truth. Or Scott’s. Or check out the latest industry buzz at my regular stop, Romenesko. But come back later. Maybe I’ll actually have something to say.

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